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Coronado Feral Cat Roundup

Whether you pity the numerous feral cats throughout Coronado, love them, or hate them, it's not a good thing for anybody, including the cats, to let them to keep reproducing. A group of us has undertaken an ongoing effort to trap and neuter as many as possible, with the help of neighborhood volunteers and neighborhood financial contributions. The cats will get spayed or neutered, then returned to where they were trapped. The cats are not euthanized.

It currently costs a minimum of $20.00 per cat through the Animal Defense League of Arizona. If you donate money to the ASPCA or Best Friends or Humane Society every year, why not instead make a tax-deductible donation this year to your neighborhood association's community efforts where you know your money will go to work to help animals right here in Coronado?

$20.00 will spay/neuter one feral, but any and all donations will be gladly accepted and can be made securely on this website. All donations will be spent directly on spay/neuter of the cats and are tax-deductible contributions.

Thank you for your contribution!

If interested in becoming a Coronado Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) volunteer, please e-mail Binnie Williams or Andrea del Galdo.

CNA is a 501(c)3 and your donation is tax deductible. You are NOT donating to any specific organization other than CNA. You are donating for the purpose of supporting CNA efforts to capture and spay/neuter feral cats in the Coronado Neighborhood. CNA may partner with any organization towards that end for this purpose.